We’re honoured to have you here. Thank you for trusting us as your vinyl and craft supplier. 

We’re honoured to have you here. Thank you for trusting us as your vinyl and craft supplier. 

Help! I Don’t Know What I’m Doing.

If you’re new and have no idea where to start take a read though this helpful guide.

I want to press onto a shirt, what do I use?
As a beginner we suggest using our classic HTV.  HTV stands for Heat Transfer Vinyl this is also commonly known as iron on vinyl.
The “Heat Stuck” classic HTV is the most durable transfer on the market. Using the correct technique and aftercare the classic will likely last the lifetime of the garment with the ability to be used on gym and dance wear.
Find it here: Classic HTV – Imagine Vinyl

If you want to get extra creative you can try your hand at our glitter, chrome or printed heat transfers.

You can find these by clicking a link below:
GlitterGlitter HTV -Imagine Vinyl
ChromeChrome HTV -Imagine Vinyl
Patterned- Patterned Vinyl -Imagine Vinyl
(There are multiple styles of patterned vinyl’s in this category, please ensure you select HTV)

Still unsure about what you would like? 

You can select one of our popular  Can’t Decide boxes and let us pick for you.

I want to make a decal for a car, drink bottle, pantry label, lunch box and more. What do I use?

At Imagine Vinyl we stock “Sticker Stuck” and “Oracal” adhesive vinyl. Oracal is the worlds leading adhesive vinyl manufacturer. The numbers on the vinyl represent the adhesive grade. 651 = intermediate permanent adhesive with a solvent base 631 = removable adhesive with a water base. “Sticker Stuck” is Imagine Vinyl’s own brand which features over 60 funky patterns and colour choices.

Oracal 651 is recommended to use when making any decals that you would like to be more resistant. Permanent does not mean it will never come off, it just means you will need to pick at the decal before it can be removed; (please remember vinyl’s are not dishwasher safe and if treated incorrectly can peel off prior to expectations).

Choose form the large colour range of “Oracal 651” here: 651 Oracal – Imagine Vinyl

Choose from the large colour range of “Sticker Stuck” here: Sticker Stuck Adhesive Vinyl – Imagine Vinyl

I want to make a decal for a wall or interchangeable acrylic sign. What do I use?

We recommend the Oracal 631 when wanting to make removable decals. The 631 water based solvent is designed to be able to be removed cleanly and is less likely to remove paint from walls. However factors like the length of time the decal has been applied and condition of the walls does come into play when removing your decal cleanly. A common misconception when thinking of removable vinyl’s is assuming the vinyl will loose stick and peel off after a length of time, this is not true and the term removable relates to the lower tack and clean residue factors.

Oracal 631 is only available in matte and has a limited amount of colours you can select from. If you would like to make a removable decal and you can’t find the colour you’d like, you can layer your preferred permanent colour on top of a removable decal and create your own removable decal that way.

You can find removable 631 here: Removable 631 Oracal – Imagine Vinyl

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